Personal Success Story - Connie

A wrong turn to the right path:
It was March of 2003 and undoubtedly the lowest point in my life. I was looking for answers to explain the events in my life. I had just sought guidance from my parents at the cemetery and was returning from there very emotional and distracted. So much so, that I wound up taking a completely different direction to home.

Ryan made me feel comfortable from the moment of my first consultation. I have been training with Ryan since March 2003 and weighed 168 lbs. Ryan initially asked me to chart a food log. By showing me how to eliminate unnecessary fat from my diet, Ryan helped me get on a course of healthy eating. Ryan combined this with an individually designed exercise program to create a significant lifestyle change for me.

In addition to his professionalism and commitment to a person's overall well-being, Ryan's emotional support is immeasurable. In the beginning of my training, some days were better than others. He always encouraged me to be persistent and gradually I would see the improvement. Ryan is a great motivator and with his infectious positive attitude, he truly creates an energetic environment. I have transferred this energy to every facet of my life and now feel that I am able to offer more to people, and myself. Now at 115 lbs, Ryan has helped me to achieve one of my personally important goals and it has put me on the path to achieve many more.
Ryan, I cannot thank you enough. You are the best!!


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