Personal Success Story - Joan

I am a novice Tri-athlete and new to any endurance sport. I had often been told that strength and core training were an important part of improving performance but I had doubts and lacked the motivation to stick with it.

I have learned from experience that goals have a higher rate of success when they are backed up by a realistic action plan so I began training with Ryan McKeen in may 2004. My goals were big and I had a long way to go.

As a flabby, middle-aged woman with little muscular strength, approaching the gym was very intimidating. Ryan has been very supportive and helped keep me focused. My workouts are never boring and always within my ability - but with a challenging edge.

Ryan has helped keep me on track over the past ten months with better attention to both balanced nutrition and balanced training. As a result, I lost thirty pounds and was successful in completing my first full marathon in Chicago in October 2004.

Now I can confidently say that strength training really does improve performance. I have more energy and I feel more powerful whether I am swimming, cycling or running. My running time alone over the past year dropped a minute per Km. As a bonus, even my posture has improved.

This year my goals are even bigger but I have the confidence they are achievable and Ryan will be with me to help make it happen!

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