Personal Success Story - Kathy

Having come within one pound shy of 200 pounds on my 5' 2" body, I knew it was time to  act. I tried walking several times a week with friends, thinking that would help. And it did help somewhat, I lost some weight, but then the scale kept creeping back up. The weight was taking its toll. My knees hurt so much I had difficulty going up and down stairs. My back and neck also caused a great deal of pain and my energy and mood were at an all time low.

He greeted me with a great smile and a warm handshake and immediately put me at ease.
We talked about my areas of concern (knees, neck, back, joints) and my goals. I explained to him my goal was not to lose weight, although I knew that was part of the process that would have to happen in order to achieve my goal, but my main goal was to get in better shape and feel healthy. I wanted to walk up and down stairs without pain!

The first couple of weeks were tough as my muscles ached and complained about being put into action. But I returned and Ryan was always there patiently encouraging me, training me on the importance of proper form in order to prevent injuries and promote muscle growth, and educating me on how to eat right to lose weight. Within a few weeks, I was starting to feel better. I wasn't so sore after each session and actually felt energized by it. And it wasn't long before one day I realized I had carried a full laundry basket upstairs and didn't even notice my knees!

Ryan has worked wonders for me. I have never felt more fit in my life than I do now at the age of 58. I can't say that I really enjoy exercise these days, but I can say that Ryan makes it fun and interesting and I wouldn't think of quitting. I am now a true believer in the importance of exercise and a good trainer!

Thank you Ryan for helping me reach my goals!!
You are the best!

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