Personal Success Story - Leslie

I started training twice a week with Ryan over 7 years ago to get into shape for my sister's wedding. I've always been physically active, but doing it on my own was not getting me the results I wanted. I had dabbled in weight training before, but I could never push myself to do those heavier weights or those extra few reps. At first my upper body was very weak. I could shoulder press only 5lb dumbbells, and, forget about  doing straight leg pushups. Now I can shoulder press 20lb dumbbells, do more than 40 straight leg pushups, and can even do up to 8 chin ups. Ryan takes me through a constantly changing high intensity workout that includes cardio, resistance training and nutrition counseling. He keeps me on track with healthy food choices.

More often than not, I arrive for my training session wondering where I'll find the energy to get through a workout with Ryan. He keeps me focused, and before I know it, the hour is over and I always end up feeling energized. I'm often asked what I'm training for, or why I'm still training after 4 years. My best answer is I'm just training for every day life, to stay healthy and keep stress in check. Training with Ryan can be as intense as you want it to be. He designs the workout around what you can do, but challenges you to go that extra step further.

That's how you get results.

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