Personal Success Story - Mervin

In august of 2013 I started considering a more active lifestyle. I came to this decision after having undergone a corporate medical examination with nothing but alarm bells. I spent the last 20 years working 16 hour days in mostly high mental stress environments, not adhering to any form of healthy dietary requirements or even a sleep pattern. I have been registered with various gym's over the last decade without actually making an appearance at any of them, so I decided to pay Ryan a visit. As I have not attempted any physical exercise in the last two decades I decided to test the idea of a personal trainer with a few introductory sessions. As it turned out this test was one of the better decisions I made in the last 20 decades! I met Ryan who started me on a very mild exercise regime whilst suggesting dietary considerations to. Before I realised it we were actively increasing the exercise frequency and intensity whilst managing my weight and overall health.

When I started in August 2013 I weighed 220 lbs with a body fat of 30% within 10 weeks we managed to get my weight down to 190 lbs with a body fat of 21%. I physically felt better than ever, the exercise and nutritional improvements also seemed to assist greatly with the way I dealt with stress in my work environment. I relocated in December of 2013 and could not continue my training sessions. It is now almost a year later and I have managed to maintain my ideal weight and physical condition by applying the basic techniques and principals Ryan has taught me. I am a very focussed and driven person, but without Ryans help I would never have breached the initial hurdles that set me on this healthier path I am on now! Making a commitment to meet my trainer in the gym at a specific time for each session proved to be an excellent way of managing my commitments. This got me into the habit of making time for exercise where I would normally have postponed my exercise with every crisis in my office. Just in case I forget to mention…thanx Ryan not only did you help improve my quality of life but you made it a lot of fun!


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