Personal Success Story - Trish

Having seen another woman’s testimonial about her weight loss and knowing I didn’t really want to be doing this, I knew I needed ongoing reinforcement. That reinforcement came in the form of a personal trainer. I told Ryan that I hated doing weights because they had never worked for me and I found them boring. He first cautioned me about how important my actual weight was. How you look, how you feel and how your clothes fit are more important than what the scale reads. He also told me he’d teach me how to enjoy weights and make them work for me.

I have worked with Ryan twice a week. We have worked on a variety of equipment and he has taught me how to get the best results for my efforts. He changes the workouts to keep things interesting and to work on different muscle groups. It became clear why this had never worked for me before. I was doing many of the exercises incorrectly. I didn’t do enough repetitions. I didn’t vary my workouts and, most importantly, I kept giving up too soon. Ryan doesn’t let me do that. Just when you think you’ve done enough reps, he always asks for more, constantly pushing you to test your limits and demanding that extra effort that I never demanded of myself. This has made the entire difference in my success. We also discuss nutrition and the importance of what I eat, how I eat, how many times a day I eat and perhaps the most surprising, the time of day I eat. It only took a few weeks of journalism to realize where I was going drastically wrong. We changed all those things that were keeping me from getting to my goal. My biggest obstacle was that the rest of my family didn’t have any weight issues. However, realizing that we could all improve our eating habits, no one objected to the new and improved meal plan. Now we eat smarter and healthier.

An unexpected benefit to this new way of life is that I no longer get the weekly headaches requiring visits to my chiropractor.The headaches are all but gone. I’ve decided that anyone can diet and exercise. Doing it the right way with the right support has made a world of difference. Thanks to hard work and great support and motivation from Ryan my overall fitness level has dramatically improved. Although I an still 4 lbs. short of my goal, given my overall fitness level I’m perfectly happy where I’m at weight wise. I will continue to work with Ryan and now realize improving my overall fitness level is more important than simply stepping on a scale.

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